Background & Contact

This collection of documentary photography and illustration spans over five years through places I visited and lived. Through varying landscapes across the circumference of Australia, then western Canada and its islands, and North America; from the far south of the Mississippi river, right up to the northerly regions of Alaska. And then also England, around the areas where I grew up. In these countries I have encountered many of their diverse landscapes, through cities, towns and rural areas. Either just by passing through, but then occasionally settling for short stints of time. Throughout these periods, I recorded information, making my own interpretations of these landscapes and the people that live in them.

Through journals came writing and drawings. Collecting stories and quotes from the people I met.  From reading I gathered facts and information in books, local newspapers, guides and museums. I drew pictures of the different scenery, making sketches of natural landscapes, cities and towns; drawing the segments of their streets, buildings and the objects within.

The photos are shot on 35mm film. Sometimes they present large-scale scenic views, but mostly they show snippets and modest compositions within these landscapes. I photographed mainly where I observed some kind of spectacle or curiosity in the details of these surroundings.

Altogether the collection forms a narrative. Pieced together by fragments, it threads and weaves its way through experiences and encounters of different people and places. And the record ultimately forms a portrait that is both part documentary and storytelling.

Charlotte Craig